Work Experience -- Still Don't Have a Clear Answer

I have read countless previous threads and have contacted the CFA Institute and still don’t have a clear answer. Hoping someone can clear this up – my employer is on me hard about getting my designation.

My situation: I have already passed Level III and will complete my 48 months in January. I am an affiliate member and my current job has already been approved as part of my previous work experience, so I am 100% sure that my work experience is about to be completed.

According to the CFA Institute, I have to re-apply once my work experience is complete. That’s all I can get out of them. Does that mean both the Institute and the local society have to look at me again? Do I have to have another work experience review? Or, do they just look that I’ve already had my current job approved and stamp me as a charterholder? How long does the process take? Will I receive the physical paper charter when I get approved, or will that come in September? Am I looking at two weeks? A month? Several months?

Thanks in advance.

A new submission should result in a fresh look