Work Experience Submitted

Lucky 69 months submitted.

How long does this normally take?


Haha, 69 months entered here as well!

I submitted 50 months a couple of weeks back. The decision took 5 business days (happily all 50 were approved), now it is in the society review stage, which seems to often take longer… I understand it depends on when the society membership committee meets etc.

Thanks for answering amjf088,

this whole process is waiting

I submitted 63 months in Feb I guess and all 63 were approved in 15 days.

work experience approved, now i am under society review. that was fast

I submitted mine yesterday and CFAI approved it this morning. Just waiting for my local society to review now.

Cool! Is your society Toronto as well?

Local society review can be the hold up. I’m from Philly and the local society is a tad small, as compared to say, NYSSA (though I have heard of delays there as well). I submitted my 72mo’s+ of work experience post Level 2 so that when I passed Level 3 I didn’t have to deal with the barrage of people applying for regular membership (slightly advantaged in that my employer was more than happy to pay for my membership so I had no out of pocket to pay for the membership).