work experience

is it 3 years or 4 years?? and how do they validate or audit the experience? I don’t assume that they call each employer and inquire. And finally, do you think corporate governance would count?

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it’s now four years but some people get grandfathered in under the old 3 year requirement. i believe that ifyou passed an exam prior to this year you are grandfathered in. Not entirely sure. But i know if you wrote this year for the first time it is 4 years min.

so I wasn’t completely wrong coz I remember it was 3 years back in the day. I got my level 1 on Dec 06, going for level 3 on the coming june. I wanted to get CFA to compensate for my lack of work experience, now CFA wants even more work experience. how wonderfull!

2005 was the last year to enroll as a candidate and be grandfathered… enrolled in 2006, so I’m shafted by a year.