Work Experience

If one were to start their own one man research shop as a sole proproprieter and sell research reports online and to the public, could they use the time spent preparing the reports as qualifying work experience for CFA Institute. I know being self employed is allowable for work experience credit. However, does the work have to generate a certain amount of profit? I’m considering this. I already research companies I’m interested in, and a few people I know have asked me to look at some companies for them and help them with their portfolios. I figure I could make a little on the side and pick up some work experience that may be relevant. Plus it’s good practice for the future.

Hey gouman, I can’t answer your questions as it’s rpetty tough, but I reckon tehy wouldn’t otherwise every tom dick and harry would go about doing this to get experience. But even if its not its a great idea, and if you are interested I’d be itnerested ing etting involved in something like this with you, so let me know. Cheers

I think only full time work expereince counts, but you should check the website.

Yes, but you have to recruit 2 CFA chartholders so they can vouch for you.

The missing part is that you need a sponser to get your charter.