Work Experience??

I just wanted to make sure my work experience will suffice, and would appreciate any help. I am currently a proprietary trader for a small trading firm in Chicago. I specialize in trading Treasury futures and make my own decisions in the trading process. I just keep reading the post from the cfainstitue regarding work experience and it seems a little bit gray to me. I would fall under their title of “securities trader,” but they throw in their little disclaimer of ‘actual title may not determine your qualification.’ Is there any reason I would not qualify for the work experience portion? I convinced myself I was okay before LI, but now that I’m going to become a hermit-robot for the next 9 months, I’d just like to be positive that I qualify. Thanks in advance…

Call CFAI and find out, why speculate?!

Steve, assuming you’ve included all relevant details and that you spend at least 50% of your time in the “investment decision-making process”, you’ll be fine.

Run a search on L3 bboard; there have been dozens of threads on this. I don’t think the CSRs answering the phones at cfai have any idea what’s acceptable and what’s not. After years of various attempts, all that we’ve found works is to submit a new WE description and wait a few weeks to see if it was accepted. Some recent posters indicate their sponsors haven’t checked the “50% of time on decision making” boxes and have still passed, so this may not be a necessary criterion.

Thanks, I just read up on them. I have called the CFA Institute, and the CSR’s are worthless. They won’t answer any WE related questions. It seems to me that CFAI could be a little bit more helpful in answering what experience does qualify and what doesn’t. From reading the LIII posts it looks like several people passed all exams but are hung up on the CFAI not accepting their WE. That would be a royal kick to the junk.