work experience

how do CFA Institute verify my work experience? I am an algo-trader in offshore hedge-fund so my labour agreements do not fully officially registred. what type of paper or confirmation will be required from me?

i don’t think they actually VERIFY but as i recall you fill out the form, they look at job title and your description and I think they more or less rely on your references too.

Wasn’t this just asked like a day or two ago? Pretty sure it was said that they don’t verify all work experience, but they might randomly call references or something like that.

I think you’re good man, just describe what you do. How do I get a job like that??? I wouldn’t mind living on a nice island being a trader. Living the dream man.

Thanks for reply DoubleDip and chibwack!

bpdulog - this is not a job of a dream, trust me) you always have to worry about infrastructure issues, and in addition recent times market liquidity is reducing and in consequence many of the alive strategies stop being profitable like before.