Work History and Background check

I had to take a few months off of work for personal reasons that I don’t want to get into with anyone. If I were to extend the length of time I was at my last position on my resume would there be any way a new employer would know? The person I’d put down as a reference would be able to verifiy what I say are the dates.

They can verify employment durations. Extending work histories to smooth gaps is not wise. If you needed time off for personal reasons, they should understand. Simply tell them that at an interview upon request.

KJH Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > They can verify employment durations. I know I’d probably won’t do it. But I just like to understand what you can get away with. How could they verify this?

I would never make up stuff like this. If they catch you, then they have more than enough ammunition to fire you on the spot: you’re lying. It’s like saying you’re a CFA when you are not. People have all kinds of personal things going on in their lives but you shouldn’t make stuff up especially in an attempt to hide something. If they find on roach they’ll assume there are more and investigate you more thoroughly. Willy

they can just call the your old employer directly …and most HR depts verify duration of employment and position .

Many times in condition with an offer, you must subject to a background check/credit check/drug test, etc. An agency calls your former employers and simply verifies the dates you placed on your resume/application. This is the only question I have seen consistently asked and alot of times I think it’s the only question asked. References and previous employers are different.

Don’t enter months in your work history.

What happens if your former employer agrees to help you out during the check call and gives the timeframe you want him too. Can you still be caught?

TJR Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Don’t enter months in your work history. This is what I do (not that I am hiding anything though). 2004 - 2007 Experience 1 2007 - Present: Experience 2