Work in Transactional Due Dilligence for CFA Charter?


I am an ACCA Affiliate who managed to pass recently in 1.5yr as a full time student and I’m pretty new to CFA. Supposed to write in December 2019. My main concentration for ACCA were Financial Management and Audit and Assurance so I have basic knowledge about the CFA Topics.

I have a few questions to the wonderful people here may be you might feel them as foolishness but forgive me for it as I said I’m pretty new to this.

These are few of my questions and I hope you answer all of it.

  1. I’m trying to secure a job in Transaction Advisory Department as it is more related in finance and I’m most likely to be placed in Transaction Due Diligence process. would that help me to earn a CFA charter if i work in that particular department for 48 months?

  2. Everyone i have met has only told me that CFA is very tough to pass and passing all 3 levels while doing a full time job is close to impossible, is there anybody here who has cleared CFA Level 3 while you were in a full time job? If yes, could you brief me about your story and how much time you used to put in everyday for it?

3.Also thinking of Attempting Level II in June 2020 if i manage to make it in December would that be good or is 6 months too short of time after Level I

3.How are Schweser Notes and Practice Book?

4.How are Mark Meldrum Lectures for all 3 levels, or if you have any particular favorites in mind for different levels could you state their names as it would be helpful to me along the way.

Many Many Thanks in Advance for helping me out :smiley: :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that 95% of candidates have a full time job. It’s a grind but it is doable.

Get that soft “is it possible” mentality the fuck on outta here.

I’ll leave you with this - the most nerdy response I’ll ever make:

Now imagine it, put the hours in and stay passionate Wasn’t blowing money, I was stacking it Figured what the fuck I want to do in life and practiced it Pay attention, none of this is happening by accident Listen, I don’t slack a bit Game plan solid, no cracks in it Said I want a billion now nothing less is adequate Grab and check, cashing it I was born addicted to the money Difference is now if finally found a way to manage it What you think I’m paid for nothing? You must be mistaken someone I had to go make that fund and I’m trying to be great at something Spend not saving nothing Flying from the bay to London They say that money talks but you’re not saying nothing Now try and shade me, I’m like I guess Why yes, you drive a Toyota, please define flex

Thank you for the respnere,

But can you also enlighten me on the other questiiqu I’ve asked ?

Actually the first question is the important part.

Take that assessment and you’ll have a pretty good picture of where you’re standing.

thank you very much, you were of great help