Work Issue

So I wanted to take a week off from work but a guy on my team who is my backup already asked and we both can’t be off. So I’m at work today studying and I see he didn’t complete a lot of manual work on projects that I will have to back him up on. I am so pissed and don’t want it to effect my studying. I wonder how I should approach this. I could text him and tell him to get his butt in here this weekend and finish it. Or just tell my manager what a situation he left me with. I’ll probably end up just knocking it out real fast as that’ll be the simpliest thing to do…but man am I need to get over this so I’m not raging all weekend.

i was supposed to take this entire week off from work but cant because i changed job May totally F’d me because I changed jobs. I used two study days to interview, i used an entire study weekend to find an apartment and move in, I cant take the week off from work as originally planned (and have to meet with a company i cover the day before the exam), and have been totally swamped at work im toast.

Austin text the dude the situation: “Yo you didn’t pull your weight on your end of the work… at all. Get in this weekend to do it or I’ll have to explain to the boss what’s up, b/c I’m not getting to do your job too. Ass”

I was planning to take the week off, but got swamped with a project that needs to be done by Monday, after the exam. This week, I stayed 2 nights at work til around 2AM trying to finish so I can still have next week off. No luck.

I also just started a new job, working 80+ hours a week. I just hope I can get out at a decent time on Friday so I can brush up and rest…