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what’s everyone’s list of things to hammer down: here’s mine: -Currency translation & calculating returns -learn PensioN WACC calculculations -Dollar Duration calculations for hedging -Swaps (just fine tune) -Implementation shortfall calculations

Here’s Mine: SS1 - SS18 :slight_smile:

says the guy who will kill the curve :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to say this, but I would love to be the Curve Killer! B/c that would mean I passed :slight_smile:

3rd & Long Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > what’s everyone’s list of things to hammer down: > > here’s mine: > >> -learn PensioN WACC calculculations > I don’t think WACC Calcualation is in syllabus.

The Calc isn’t but you need to Explain or Discuss or Something the effects fo incorporating Pension Assets/Liabilities on the Balance Sheet and their affect on the overall Beta of the Firm which affects the WACC. Just remember when you incorporate them 99% of the time the Beta Drops and WACC drops and More projects get approved :slight_smile:

i know that… but as it related to the duration of equity, duration of assets and duration of liabs… or is duration of A, L, and E only related to the LADG?


levreage adjusted duration gap for banks int. rate risk exposure… = Duration Assets + (L/A (Duration of Liabs)).

Ok, if that’s in SS5, then Stalla dropped the ball on that one! I dont even remember reading it in the CFAI but that was a long time ago.

GIPS, might as well know something cold that’s nothing but memorization

For GIPS, make sure you know REQUIRED vs RECOMMENDED. I have a feeling they could get tricky with that.

* Format for Personal & Institutional IPSs and their highlights * Wealth Transfer Structures (CRT,GRAT, etc) and their highlights (Term, ACcess, Control, Valuation, Tax Efficieny) * Everything Capital Market Expectations * Hardcore on SS #4-5 Thats it so far… still reviewing SS#7-18… Uhhgggg!

IPS for Individual and Institutions Ethics (done) and GIPs (need to review again) Fixed Income (10 - 20% of test) Alternatives Asset Allocation Derivatives / Risk Management / Swaps Equity PM revisits Econ Concepts if time again and finish my re-review of the last half of book 4 Schweser and first half book 5 scheweser (working on that right now) this should all be done with 2 weeks to go…practice exams and Secret Sauce and formula sheet reviews from there