Work Requirement - "or producing a work product that informs or adds value to that process"

I’m finding this quoted portion of the CFAI guidelines quite vague. I just wrote CFA L3 and am looking for work - I’ve only accumulated 3 of my 48 months (landed first career job late last year in ER, was among many laid off during the mini financial meltdown early this year). As I look for work, I really want to make sure my next job meets the qualifications.

As to the quoted above, it seems very vague/ambiguous - eg. IT in an investment bank can be argued to add considerable value to the investment decision process by making sure all software/hardware is fully functioning at all times for the decision makers. Okay, maybe this is a stretch, but another example is sales - someone simply selling mutual funds has no role in the investment making decision, but is adding value to the firm by increasing business/shares in the funds.

I’ve emailed CFAI on Friday, but I doubt they have a more detailed list of potential roles that would qualify. Can anyone help me to narrow the spectrum of potential roles that would “produce a work product that informs or adds value to the process”?