Work Spouse

A woman at work recently referred to me as her work husband, I didn’t realise that this is a thing?

Essentially she laughs at all my jokes and does a lot of stuff for me that I can’t be bothered to do. Any of you BSDs have a work wife? ACE, Nerdy, you must have shagged one of your work wifes by now?

yep my work wife is the hot exec assistant, but she is a lesbian. lol.

her friends are supposedly hot and freaks. so she tells me and promises me.

i’ve slept with 2 co workers from 2 different places. and 1 ex co worker.

i barely have co workers now that are hot and young, but when i worked at a consulting firm.

we were newly college grads. it was college extended but with money.

This is a polygamy.:slight_smile:

Do they get jealous if you start to do work with other people?

I see the pattern here…

Never, ever, ever again. All business now, I play outside of work.

There’s a woman in our office that happily proclaims she’s the work wife or den mother to many guys on the sales desk. She’s pretty hot too…not sure if that matters. I’m not around the sales desk that often so I don’t know what exactly a work wife does, but from what I’ve heard she basically gossips a lot and is protective of the guys she likes. No idea why though.

The difference with housework and my wife is that I could be bothered to do it but she prefers to do it all.

On the flipside. If I was to become single I wouldn’t be able to function as a human being so I’m basically trapped.


We are going out for drinks in a little bit. She said she would bring her bikini. I was like, but we are meeting for drinks? She said she would bring it anyway. I do have a pool, but ok.

Per your definition, I have a work husband who is my male exec assistant but I’ve never heard him referring to himself that way.

hr chick and receptionist, not at same tho

I’m the head of department with 4 women coworkers thus I have a harem.:slight_smile:

These boobs are falling out in my hands.

pics or didnt happen

EU GDPR regulation does not allow sharing and revealing personal data including pics.

I’m sorry.

His own man boobs.

She just texted me and said I was irresistible.

Did she really need to say that though? I know this already.