Work Travel

What are your favorite hotels when traveling for work?

I’m building up my Hilton points. La Romana in the DR, here I come … In about 5 years at this rate.

I’m actually quite indifferent to the hotel: if it has a comfy bed, TV, decent bathroom, and is close to restaurants and touristy sites, it’s A-OK with me!! :+1: :hotel:

My TV froze yesterday and wouldn’t respond to the remote. The MFer is bolted to the wall and doesn’t tilt, so I couldn’t reach the control panel on the back. I yanked on the cord to unplug it, but my hand doesn’t fit far enough back to plug it back in. :man_facepalming: Guess I’ll be spending extra time in the fitness room

Why would you ever need to watch a tv when you have the exact same content access on your phone/ipad/laptop etc.

I only have Netflix and Prime, so hotel tv is my chance to sprawl out nude while watching junk like The Office and Parks & Rec and sprinkling cheap beer and Cheetos dust on the company laptop.

Pick the hotel chain that has the highest point valuation (point valuation times points earned each stay) and is in the locations you’ll be traveling. Also depends if you are paying or if it’s reimbursed.

ahhhh i remmeber traveling a lot back in the day for work. now i wfh. so awesomeeeeee