KJH, post some questions – am at work, can’t really do much besides stressing about exam. I need a good tutorial to finish economics in one day!

Yep I agree with pepps! I am at work as well… we need some questions! :slight_smile:

I am @ work too, post some Q’s

where are my manners… please :slight_smile:

What makes you think I have questions? I’m at work too and my Qbank is a in CD form. Damnit, work is such a barrier to studying!

KJH, thought you had mind numbing Back office work… I am going to take 1 hr lunch break today to get some reading done.

What kind of questions do you want? Want me to run hard questions on a specific subject on Qbank? That is all I have access to right now, or have you done all those? :slight_smile:

oh I dont have Qbank, I’d prefer questions from FSA, Quant, FI.

I say (in order): FSA, Options (with options strategies) FI, Quant