working experence

As a PH.D student in Economics, I have been an advisor for 4 and a half years. Courses that I have tought including: Introductory and intermediate level Microeconomics/Macroeconomics, Economic growth, and Senior project . And I work 20 hrs per week. What do you guys think? Would these work? I know Instructor/professor is one of the titles that qualified. But not sure whether mine would work. Any suggestion/comment is really appreaciated! Thanks!

Well, there is a requirement for full-time work…so I dont think 20 hours per week would count. Although, I havent seen them define full-time so you never know.

Thanks Kevin… I looked through the website, and their definition about full time is “at least 50%”… So, I guess 20 hrs per week would be fine. I am more concered with whether the teaching itself is investment related or not. Thanks.

I guess they are going to reject it as they will argue that you are still a student after all, which is something you can’t deny. Anyway keep us posted.

the 50% has to do with proportion of your time spent on investment-related activities and has nothing to do with the full-time aspect of the requirement.

I asked this, because one of my friends got his charter upon Ph.D graduation. He also worked as an instructor during his Ph.D, working 20 hrs a week. But he taught Finance, and he interned in Goldman during the summer. BTW, intern would not be counted, right? But he joined CFA in 2003. So, I am kind of confused here. And thanks all for the comments.

BTW, what’s the requirement about working experience before 2005? Thanks

Yes, I guess you are right. Maybe they changed the rule?

As the other poster pointed out, the 50% has nothing to do with full-time or part-time…see this: 1. Four years (48 months) of work experience in … 2. A full-time position consisting of … 3. Qualifying activities, such as: So I would say I dont see yours as a full time position so I would not think it would count. If you do find it to count I would like to know though because I have some experience that is relevant but not full time.