working in finance

Hello all, I have been trying to get a job in finance (primarily banking, investments, private equity, structured finance), had some interviews, but found it difficult to get started in one of those jobs. I recently took a job in internal audit and was wondering how difficult it would be to switch into say a hedge fund, private equity, or a structured finance division at a big 4. Do you guys have any suggestions, or will I be labeled because of my first job? My background includes a B.S. in bioengineering and MBA in finance and have won numerous aptitude awards. I have plenty of summer internship experience, including being an analyst at my school (over 20% gains woohoo), so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

You a VT grad (bioengineering, MBA, and 20% gains sounds like our SEED program; plus Big 4 recruits insanely there. Sounds like a fit)? This thread will probably get moved, but if you work in a Big 4 firm with a structured finance division (e.g. PwC or KPMG), then I’d think you could make some connections there. Structured finance managers are required to have either the CFA or CPA designation, so you’d be on your way if your firm will sponsor your CPA (although working in auditing, they may only sponsor your CIA; I’m not sure).

i’m not at a big 4, but the firm that I am in, switches over back and forth between the two. My firm will pay for the CIA and CFA (when i pass), but I would like to join the big 4 within a year and I guess move into structured finance. I also have experience in commercial real estate and am a heavy quant guy. That is the only way (so far) that I have found to get into finance (besides connections).