working in operations is like working at the Hotel California

You can quit your job at any time, But you can never “leave” the career… :wink:

The truth is that investment management is more of an art than science and working in operations destroys your creativity. You are dumbed down and front office people know this. Hiring managers will discount your time in a support role and treat you like a tuberculosis patient potentially instructing HR staff to screen resumes and have BO people be sent straight to the trash.

let me give you some advice…if you are looking to move out of operations/back office into an intellectually and financially rewarding role… REMOVE all operations/back office/support experience from your resume…this is the loop hole in the system. consider reworking your resume not by necessarily lying about former experience… but ommitting positions entirely that will be used against you.

ps… dont flame me for this post, just a half serious rant but some people might agree with parts of this. the part about ommitting some experiences from your resume is very true and has worked for me.

I’ve worked with operations people, and while they can be nice people, I agree the work is so BS i would rather be unemployed. Do it for a few months and you’ll want to commit ritual suicide

So so fuxx

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