Working on Asian market after Asian school (Master in Finance)


I’m a CFA and CAIA candidate and all my career has been in Russia. Now I see that the real finance business growth is in Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong mostly) and I find it quite interesting. I’m 28 year old woman so I think I’m young enough for relocation:) As I don’t ave any international experience, so I’m thinking about international education.

As a step I’m considering taking a Master in Finance Program and keep on working in Russia on the same time. I found 2 options:


  2. NYU Stern+HKUST

Both programms are based on modules so I hope I could fligh every time I have to.

My plan is to finish CFA and Master program almost in the same time to be attractive candidate for firms based in Singapore.

What do you think about the idea? I would be appreciated for any sort of opinion.

Singapore much warmer than Siberia.

In summer it almost the same +35C wink

haha :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have completed the CFA program and i thinking moving to sg to find a position overthere.

Insead will be great but the cost is very high and the admission i guess will be very tough.

Do you have work experience? i think this is very important when trying to secure a job in Singapore, specially at your age. Finding a graduate program after completing a Msc program in INSEAD wont be too complicated, but this is only my opinion.

Good luck!

Rofh, thank you and I wish you good luck in your search.

I was VP in M&A and now I’m manager in PPP&Infrastructure field (working for family office). I have about 8 year experience in finance.

I think if you really want a full time offer in Singapore you should do a full time MBA from INSEAD or NUS. It shouldn’t be too hard to land a job after that.

Good luck though and let us know how it goes.

zidhai, thank you!