Working President's Day..

Who else is working? I so wanted to catch up with my study schedule. Study manager called me in =(

We are all working on the west coast of Canada here… :frowning:

I’m working today - got in around 9:30/10 though. Should be leaving around 5

Feels better. It’s not only me then. I still have my Ethics SS window open in my task bar. Read one example every half an hour =)

Where is my Family Day? I miss Alberta! Oh wells, work is work, right North Van ?

I’m in the office too. So much for Family Day! I hope I’m out of here by 5.

I thought that only the president of the company has off today. That’s what HR told me.

Got President’s Day off, got a good jog in and 4 hours of studying done. Productive day for me.