World Cup 2018

And so yet another edition of the second best sport in the world (after Cricket) is upon us and now we head to Mother Russia. The media has been focusing on corruption, racism, neo-nazi skinheads, vlad the cunt and what not but nevertheless it looks like it will remain in Russia and in 6 months the world will converge for the first time in Moscow.

The Americans will not be present so thankfully we will not be subject to “If we took this seriously, we would dominate” crap from the yanks and China and India are still 50-100 years away from the sport becoming mainstream and putting out competitive teams so it will be the usual suspects.

Unfortunately we will still have to listen to insufferable English cunts telling us about brave brave Harry Kane and Redondo reincarnate Delle Ali and how they should stick Andy Carroll up front and knock the ball long to him or something.

Leo Messi last chance at lifting an elusive trophy with the Argies. Leo Messi is an odd one, the world accepts he is the greatest but the South Americans don’t rate him (mainly cause they’re stupid and value ‘passion’ more than actual talent). Win this and there can be no question he is the GOAT (quite frankly there isn’t one, it’s just to shut up the football versions of Purealpha)

Favorites :

  1. France - Has to be, ridiculous lineup. Kante, Pogba, Dembele, Mbappe, Griezemann and Fekir is outrageous

  2. Brazil - Neymar, Coutinho, Firmino and Costa is as good as it get and they’ve got much better balance.

Can’t see beyond these two.

Surprise package :

  1. Egypt - The most successful team in Africa finally makes it to the world cup. Mo Salah breaking all sorts of records this season and his songs sum it up

Mo Salah-la-la-la, If he’s good enough for you then he’s good enough for me. If he scores another one then I’ll be muslim too. Mo Salah-la-la-la if he’s good enough for you then he’s good enough for me. He’s sitting at the mosque and that’s where I wanna be.

Best outfit :

Nigeria : While my adopted team the super eagles won’t have the magic of Findi George, Nwankwano Kanu, Sunday Oliseh and Jay-Jay Okocha they win the kit cup hands down

Image result for nike reveals nigerian outfit

FIFA is ruining the game but I guess for one month we can just enjoy the cup

Scotland didn’t make it again so I suppose I’ll just have to buy a Belgium, Tunisia and Panama strip and make do with watching the mental ruskis kicking the living shite out of the engerland twats in their 3 quarter length shorts and sandals for a week or so before they get knocked out.

My main aim for the tournament is to not go for a piss and miss the winning goal during the final like last time.

I’m already dreading the official song that no doubt FIFA will get Shakira to do.

Enjoy it while you can, the US is becoming much more accepting of effeminate men so I expect we’ll be dominating soccer soon enough. If the Philly Eagles weren’t busy playing real sports, the City of Champs would have a World Cup too. I can already smell light pole grease. Philly Philly!

Aren’t you tired of getting banned?

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None of which changes what I said!

Costa is Brazilian but plays for Spain. Unless you meant Juventus Costa in which case I don’t think he’s a regular for Brazil. Jesus, Neymar and Coutinho will probably start for them.

Good team though, as are France. Spain and Germany will have a good chance too.

Italy, Holland and the US didn’t make it. USA especially bad given that the draw is effectively rigged to make sure they qualify each time!

Listen uncle chang, grab pen and paper, I’ll say it once won’t say it again.

is daddy spamming and creating nonsensical threads? NO!! Daddy is just speaking the truth and nothing but the truth so help me god and no Kansas hick with thin skin and a cuckolding fantasy is going to play judge and jury while I have breath in my body

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im happy the Dutch and the Italians aren’t here. They are shit and even mighty mighty Iceland made it. Popularion 300k lol

This world cup looks very promising. On the background there are random teams playing for the cup, and the tournment is happening in russia with russian womyns as the main attraction

No Germany as favourites?

As a side note: Challa = Luffy?

and another nail in footballs coffin as the commercialization of the game gathers pace.

VAR apprroved for the world cup

I mean if we just wanted to watch garbage stop-start sports we’d watch American sports. There is a reason their shit just isn’t popular anywhere.

Infanito : “I was against VAR but then I studied it in detail”

Yeah, studied it in great financial detail you fucking twat

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It’s unfortunate that the cup will start before us writing the exam in June!

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