World travelling...cover photos quiz (please engage N for 1 minute)

Geocities quiz for CFAI L3 curriculum.

Any idea about the cities that we are proud to visit this year with CFAI curriculum cover photos?

Book 1: ?

Book 2: ? (thought about Vancouver at first glance but it isn’t…)

Book 3: London

Book 4: Mumbai

Book 5: ?

Book 6: ?

  1. Frankfurt 2) Hong Kong 3) London 4) Mumbai 5) Shanghai - that’s the Jin Mao Tower in the foreground: 6) ??? Chicago?

hey guys,

it’s all in for chicago in book 6?

come on…looks like north america definitely though you guys are the ones who should risk some chips here…



I thought book 5 was Taipei because the building looked a lot like Taipei 101 but I could be wrong.

Nevermind, I see the post with the link to Wikipedia.