World's 50 Best Restaurants

Eleven Madison Park - Any of you BSDs been?

Very surprised to see a restaurant in the US in the top 10, let alone number 1. Also surprised to see 2 restaurants in Lima make the top 10. Europeans must be outraged.

AF favorite, Per Se, came in at #87

I’ve been to Eleven Madison for a work event… was a set menu with things I wouldn’t normally order, so wasn’t all that impressed, frankly.

I also had a chance to go to Osteria Francescana while in Italy a few years back (before it really blew up) but decided not to make the detour to Modena, which is in the middle of nowhere. Still kicking myself about that one…

I been to gaggan, some indo-thai fusion it seems. load of crap if you ask me, i got better food on the road in bangkok for 10 baht

I’m looking at some of these places… I’ve been to some fancy places before, and I just have to wonder if this food fetishism is just too much. Don’t get me wrong, I like food, I like to eat, but this is a bit over the top some times. I feel like I’m in that scene from portlandia where they’re discussing the name and the place and the life of the chicken that they’re considering eating. Does the presentation really make the food taste that much better… meh. Now… THIS is a place I’d wanna check out. Good food for a good price. A true value investors meal.

^ yep yep, it’s for pretentious people who wear junghans to feel good about themselves ;).

Best food are from the dudes and dudettes chilling on the road

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I am surprised mathbox didn’t make the list. It was very good in the U.S. gr8 pasta. Yum

My cousin is a chef and is hardcore into the fine dining thing and he’s constantly trying to get me to go to Lima with him, it seems to be some kind of foodie mecca.

I was in Bangkok last year and could have gone to Gaggan but swerved it because it felt wrong paying through the nose for indian fine dining when in Bangkok where the food is incredible.

Having said that, I went to a place called Indian Accent in Delhi, another city that has outstanding food on every street, and really enjoyed it. It wasn’t half as expensive though.

I wandered into 11 Madison randomly at 10PM one night, after consuming a series of refreshments, and ate at the bar, where they offer the normal dining menu. I had no idea at the time of the restaurant’s reputation. No wonder the bill came to what it was…

^ But how was it?

The food was good, appropriate to that caliber of restaurant. Of course, when you sit at the bar, you don’t receive the same level of service as regular dining patrons, even if the prices are the same. For some people, that might diminish the experience. I think it was positive for me that I was ignorant of the restaurant’s status, as I did not then have some high expectation that is rarely achieved.

Would you say it was the best meal of your life?

No, I would not say so. However, when you are thinking about the top 50 sort of restaurants in the world, all of those places are very good and your ranking will come down to personal preference. Le Bernadin, for instance, is the second best US restaurant on that list but I like it 2x better than 11 Madison, since I like the kind of food they serve there. Many other places you might like even more do not have to be expensive or internationally acclaimed.


^ You know it.

So weird seeing this here. My grandparents live 5 minutes away from this restaurant. I ate there once. Food was okay. Wasn’t any different than any other average (read: non-expensive) restaurant in HK.