World's first human composting

“Recompose offers an alternative choice to cremation and conventional burial methods. Our service - recomposition - gently converts human remains into soil, so that we can nourish new life after we die.”

Basically, they grind and bake you into compost.

I think the new trendy item of rich people will be compost made from celebrities. I want to grow some eggplant made from Patrick Swayze, who wouldn’t?

Luke Perry was buried in a mushroom suit. :open_mouth:

I think I want to be cremated using the dirtiest, most carbon intensive process possible. Maybe burned in wood or high-sulphur bunker fuel or leaded gasoline

I imagine being shot into space is the most environmentally damaging funeral you could ask for. If your estate has say $1 million leftover, I don’t see why someone couldn’t do this.

Incinerated in the Amazon by nuclear detonation.

Great suggestions, tanks

Hey, there is a CFA Charterholder on the Recompose Life team!!! :+1: :innocent:

“Our patent-pending process is modeled on green burial, but designed for our cities where land is scarce. Organic reduction happens inside of a vessel, which is modular and re-usable. Bodies are covered with wood chips and aerated, providing the perfect environment for naturally occurring microbes and beneficial bacteria. Over the span of about 30 days, the body is fully transformed, creating soil which can then be used to grow new life.”

That’s pretty fast compared to the traditional casket + hole in the ground method.

Don’t need a million bucks to build an environmentally friendly trebuchet.

You surely meant Catapult?

Do you want to fight? Because this is how you start a fight.

i’ll prolly be worth tens of millies at a minimum so when i die so id like a crypt for my dynasty.