Worst application experience yet.

  1. Applied for a position on LinkedIn.

  2. Was e-mailed an hour later asking for my resume and a phone screen for that day or the next.

  3. Replied a few hours later.

  4. No response the following two days.

  5. E-mail the next day, no response.

  6. E-mail the following Monday, OOO reply.

  7. E-mail following OOO date range, still no response.

Either they filled the job, or ???. My resume crushes the experience and there are no red flags. I’ve done the job for another company for years, have an MBA, took level 3, etc…


Finally received “candidacy closed” update through online application system, but did get a response from recruiter asking if I’d be open to other positions. Ongoing…

That’s your worst application experience? Saddle up because it gets much worse…

thats normal

… just got a phone call from the recruiter. Sending my resume on to two different hiring managers. She likes me and wants to farm out my skills. Looks like I get to write another chapter soon.

Seriously. One of my colleagues had done a few interviews and was at the end about to talk salary and get the job, then the company reorganized and the job he was going to be put into disappeared.

That’s not a bad experience at all. I’d call that normal biz

Drama queen

watch out for shady recruiters especially if youre in nYC

Normal, but still inexcusable. Sad. F that company.

Are you talking about USAA? F–k that place.

She doesn’t care about you, just wants to make a commission off you.

Business as usual.

I once went through 3 rounds of interviews, went through salary negotiations, and was given a verbal job offer. I called 2 days later asking about the offer letter and was told the CEO had given the position to his nephew.

Life ain’t fair.

Hahaah! The only surprising/unusual part of this story was that the employee was honest about what had happened.

You laugh at that? What that company did to Stratman is a crock of horses–t. What a kick in the crotch. I feel for you Stratman. Hopefully, something else came up that made you glad you didn’t get that job.

Thanks. I ended up getting more or less the same position elsewhere in a few months anyways. Since it was a few years ago and things have ended up fine for me, I can laugh about the experience.

^ That’s not enough. You have to get your revenge.

Yep. The typical scenario is that an applicant spends an hour crafting a cover letter etc, and then never hears a peep back from the employer. At least this employer showed a little bit of interest.

That’s right. March into that CEO’s corner office righ after lunch on a Wednesday and say “I will hurt you for this. I don’t know how yet, but give me time. A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you’ll know the debt is paid." Then, turn around, yank open the door leaving it swinging and plot your revenge on the elevator ride down.