Worst-case on E-Day

Ticket, Passport, Calculator, Watch, Wallet — Can’t borrow.


I think you forgot your exam ticket…and some clothes

and remember do not have some glass after a perfect AM test…:))

you’re all missing writing mechanisms! don’t think you can borrow those. you never know how competitive/uncharitable those around you are

Ticket, ticket. How can I forget it? Thank you!

don’t forget your lunch either.

Don’t forget shoes, bare feet isnt as comfortable as it sounds

No, the worst case on exam day is a re-enactment of the sink story, except that you are the main character

As Paul has already mentioned, don’t forget to bring with you the following.

  1. pencils (mechanical or otherwise),

  2. pens (erasable or otherwise) and

  3. eraser (clickable or otherwise).



I noticed guidelines say your eraser can’t have erasers in cases. I’m assuming that means I can’t bring those erasers with plastic casing that push you click to push out the eraser part?

some ppl are faking retarded.

dont forget to wipe your ass after a shite in the toilet…and to do pipi in the urinals and not the sink.

dont forget your brains, and stop asking and posting dumb crap like what to bring at the exam. damn trolls

double pst

My worst case was proctor who stammered. Ruined the whole instruction reading thing and had broken English as well.

Pretty sure the sink guy wiped haha.