Worst Merger..

I still dont know which option will be the worst for GM: a)GM merger with Chrysler b)GM merger with Ford All of them are like “dead man walking”

Worst option: c) GM remains as is

the problem in general is that most mergers fail but CEOS keep doing them b/c investors demand growth. At some pt, it is impossible to grow double digit growth just organically. damn if u do, damn if you dont

U.S. autos are better viewed as just U.S. autO. No need to differentiate three brands, Ford, GM and Chrysler. Merge them all, trim the fat, eliminate union power by negotiating one contract rather than three. Consolidation of suppliers is also necessary. Only real way to compete globally. How all of this is accomplished is the difficult question. I don’t see F surviving; its EV / market cap is absurd…not even considering pensions.