Worst Reading Yet!! R33!

Anyone else with me on this one? This corporate governance stuff is horse sh!t. I am still baffled how no talent data jockeys and their microfiche files get published in JF, JFE, etc. on these ass clown topics!!! The just goes on and on without saying much that isn’t common sense. 70 pages of wasted space!

Totally with you on that one… Mind-numbing sh$%te

Isn’t it pretty similar what we did in L2?

It touches on some of those issues, but it goes much more in depth on things like manager compensation etc. Very, very boring!

And just when I thought that it couldn’t get any worse I got to Section 8 on the Socially Responsible Firm and Obligations to Stakeholders! Just awful, awful reading.

Totally agree. The only reading that I used Schweser for so far.

Ethics, GIPS and Corp governance are quite boring across all levels but can get you easy points.

^Agree with this statement (except maybe ethics ever being easy points), unfortunately Ethics (and I have a feeling GIPS) was much more interesting/entertaining.

Wait until you reach book 5. The whole thing is pulled out of some clown’s @ss

Book 5 is BS. Trading part is interesting/bearable but other sections and SS 17 and GIPS will make you sleep or cry for sure.

I actually thought SS17 was pretty fun. And it’s guaranteed to be on the exam…easy points.

HOLY SH!T! I am about ready to put a bullet in my brain! I can’t take this reading!!! I normally use Schweser and the CFAI books in tandem, but after 10 pages of CFAI, I don’t think I can go on! Has anyone had the robot-like patience to make it through the whole reading in CFAI and also read Schweser? If so, does Schweser do a decent job covering it?

I think schwesers covers it pretty well. No need to read CFAI for this topic. Just my opinion.

I am not able to read GIPS as well from CFAI. Would Schweser suffice? Thanks

GIPS is the absolute worst! Corporate governance is like reading a Playboy magazine compared to GIPS