worst time to get feverish!

I am not even done with the syllabus yet…still have 3 readings to go!

From past two days, I have been feeling weirdly feverish accompanied with fatigueness and other symptoms. Possibly it is just a viral but I don’t feel like getting up from bed most of the time! Thus past two days I managed to study abour 3-4 hours in total! After 11 hrs sleep last night I am still feeling fatigued!

Wondering should I just take 1-2 full days off to recover fast. Or as these virals have slow recovery rate, I keep pushing myself to study just a bit everyday until I fully recover.

Thank God I am not working currently!

@sumz. I want to be as respectful and cautious when I write this.

Several months ago you posted your thoughts on how terrible it is to be married to a L3 candidate in Saudi but a few weeks ago you also mentioned how grateful you were to be single.

I’m not sure which tune to play along to (married/ divorced/ single). I truly hope the CFA exam didn’t come in your way though.

With my sincerest thoughts.


Hmm do you mind re visiting that thread where it says im grateful to be single and check the date?

and I’m wondering what this thread has to do with my marital status!

@sumz. when i wrote the comment, i truly had the most innocent intention.

reason i brought up marital status was because your spouse should support you with the stress/ illness you’re coping with at the moment.

in any case good luck sumz! hope you feel better.

Getting a fever on or about June 7 might suck more…