Worst words of encouragement by your relatives...

“Oh you’ll pass I’m not even worried…look how much you’ve studied” …or my best buddy :“Relax… I know a guy who *is a CFA* and he’s not nearly as smart as you are” Did anyone say PRESSURE?

Just put things in perspective. Half of you have nothing to worry about. As for the other half…


yeah, it’s a slippery slope to be in their position. try to have some empathy - ie. what should they say? it’s next to impossible for them to be upbeat/positive yet also not apply any pressure.

at the end of the day, i’ve learned external sentiment matters little. very few people completely understand the demands, the sacrifices, the variables determining pass/fail, etc. just go in there and give it your best under the circumstances and it’s all you can be satisfied with.

fwiw, another fun one post exam when you’re venting: “I’m sure you did fine/killed it”…like wait, were you sitting in there/beside me to verify that? lol

moronic boss…‘my friend is doing level 2 and apparently level 3 is much easier’

…got that one too from my boss (who quit at L1)

Annoyingly, I’ve had several people say to me over the last 6 months. . “oh, level 3, that’s suppose to be the easiest one, right?”

That one’s brutal. So how come about half of those who passed the toughest exam failed the easiest one?

you spent so much time studying…there is no way you can fail…