Worth of CFA if potentially heading into compliance?

I’m currently in the beginning of my securities career, and I haven’t exactly settled on which career path I want to take as of yet. I don’t know just yet if I want to remain on the retail side, or if I want to do research, or if I’d want to get into compliance. It’s something I’m considering when I want to get a new job after my current experience. What I wanted to know is how valuable would having the CFA charter, or any levels, be in getting a compliance related position? I’m just curious. Thanks in advance. SD

CFA is primarily for the institutional side. If you are with an institutional asset manager, regardless of department, passing the exams will help you. It will open doors for you in terms of promotions and give HR and your managers a reason to approve a higher salary and bonus for you. If you are on retail side it has limited value unless you are a financial advisor, in which case it helps with the sales aspect.

Well, for compliance, it helps you with the “I know how they think” sales pitch…

I work in Compliance and can confirm that it is the designation of choice. How much you will use the knowledge from the CFA in your day to day work is another question though.