Worth re-buying Schweser for 2016?

I just got my CFA L3 results and failed. I’m bummed, obviously.

I used Schweser PremiumPlus L3 in 2015. Do people here think it’s worth it to re-up to their 2016 materials?

I wouldn’t. I passed and found the most useful, detailed information in the CFA curriculum. I’d just use that.

If you liked schweser’s materials I would say re-up for 2016. You’ll get 50% off as a retaker

I threw out my Kaplan material about 100 hours in…

Was not as effective for me for level-III as I found it to be for level-II

Based on everything I have read and heard Kaplan seems incredibly ineffective for L3. I felt the videos and professor were terrible in my opinion. Just read the slides.

I noticed on the Elan website that they’re releasing materials for L3 for the June 2016 exam! Based on past experience with both Schweser and Elan, I’d say, spend a little more on Elan and pass for sure

Not that much change in curriculum for L3 for 2016, so no need to update your materials.

Kaplan all the way!

Ethics has changed a bit .more of reshuffling. the rest is the same. So No need to swell the coffers of schweser for 2016.

INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.