Worth Reading Standards of Practice Handbook?

I just finished the Schweser Notes on Ethics and plan on reviewing at least one more time and doing a ton of QBank questions on the topic. I guess my question is how much of the handbook will be total redudancy of what I just covered in the notes? Is there info in there that is new/beneficial to cover, or is reading it more of a reinforcement of what you read in the notes/CFA curriculum?

There is more examples, but practice problems is the key here.

Noob question. Where do you get this “standards of practice” handbook?

It’s on Amazon, or get it as a free pdf on the CFAI site: http://www.cfapubs.org/toc/ccb/2010/2010/2

I would say just focus on doing practice questions. If you feel like you’re under prepared after doing those you can read the standards of practice handbook.

For Ethics, all you need to know is in the CFAI curriculum. It is by far, way better than any review material.

Reading it once is a must.

I also suggest you to download the Code of Ethics. It is a one-page document that you can read once or twice per week, it will take you about 2-3 minutes…time very well spend considering the points you can get in this section.