Would 100 days be enough to pass L3

What should be the ideal prep strategy for 100 days…

Do mock exams. Rinse and repeat. Make sure you attend Marc’s level up bootcamp.

Is that bootcamp online or something?

Bootcamp is not. The course is though. But bootcamp is where its at though.

It only takes 1 day to pass the exam actually. It’s only a six hour exam.

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i like the sarcasm

No. CEO is correct. No matter how well prepared you light be, if you don’t click on the D day…it all goes downstream

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I started from scratch 25 days before the exam last time, this was full time studying from 10am - 10pm. I failed by 1-2% last time and that too only because i left an entire topic which unsurprisingly was asked for more than usual in the exam. I would say 30 day full time is more than enough personally.

Good luck … Punting again.