would famous Fund Managers or Central Bankers pass the CFA exams?

no time to study… must write exam on the spot… including the ethics sections… assume its the CFA lvl 2 because it is all multiple choice…

John Paulson

Bill Gross

George Soros

Mark Faber

Ben Bernanke


Would these guys pass?

for some reason… Faber comes off as a guy that isnt too technical… i think Bill Gross is “the smartest” out of the group above.

Bernanke is the only one that would pass… being the professor that he is… the other guys would fail because of the format and mundade calculations

Most CFA Charterholders wouldn’t pass the exam on the spot with no time to study. I’ve forgotten plenty that was covered in L2, and new material has no doubt been added.

Sounds like you have an axe to grind. Yes, CFA is a tough exam, but no one said it proves that you know everything that is important or relevant. It just proves that you can master a lot of stuff that is potentially relevant, and for early-to-mid-career types, that’s an important statement.

These other guys have other ways to prove that what they know is relevant, most of all, a track record.

no i dont.. this is in the watercooler section and is meant to be dumb/stupid… if you are offended… dont respond

but i do think some people could pass the exam on the spot… Frank Fabozzi is one of them :wink:

I think Mark faber would fail lvl1 quant… from all the interviews on tv ive seen him in… he comes off as having a very discretionary investing style and probably doesnt use too many models.

With no studying, i bet over 90% of current charterholders and candidates that cleared L2 would fail it if forced to retake it

I don’t think Water Cooler is meant to be dumb/stupid. It can be joking, it can be off topic, it can be irreeverant, but I don’t think anyone wants to spend much time reading stuff that is actually dumb. There aren’t enough hours in the day for that.


Bill Gross is a CFA. So hopefully he’d pass. Bernanke is super intelligent, so sure, same with Paulson.

Soros and Faber…no idea…

I agree with some posters, I dont think it is likely with no prep, most (any imho) would pass. I passed all three (havent done the licensing), and am pretty strong on the accounting and finance, and feel I would be lucky to pass lvl 1 on the spot…I would doubt anything beyond that.

If we are assuming level 2, I think that is a hard bar to clear. I doubt most charter holders could do that.


That’s quite the guess. Didn’t he write the literature for the fixed income part of the CFA curriculum? haha.