Would Prob learn more in CFA PROG than masters

MBAs are a dime a dozen. Getting the CFA charter did much more for my career than my masters.

@rothwise Yes, but first you had a career, which you were able to break into because of a masters, good economy, or whatever else. But I agree that I can learn the same thing on my own for a thousand bucks instead of 40k or 50k. It just doesn’t make sense to spend that money, because its like I will be working for free for the first 2 years of my career if you take my starting salary into account net of taxes and basic living expenses like food and housing.

I started in '00 by answering phones at a brokerage firm. Because I didnt like getting paid $26K/year, I got my MBA and eventually CFA. Suck it up and take whatever comes your way is my advice.

@rothwise: What is your position now? Sorry if it has already been said.

Senior Analyst at an investment management shop.

dude, I went to baruch. Its not “well respected” in nyc. I have a CPA, Lev 3 CFA candidiate and I still plan on going for my MBA. With a baruch degree you can easily find accounting jobs and if I wanted to be CFO of a hedge fund I wouldnt bother with grad school. However, if you wanna break into investment management, it will be very difficult unless you have something to set you apart from the rest of the Dbags from ivy’s.