would this be a test day violation?

I wear a shirt that says SAMURAI on it? Or has a picture of a Samuria. Always looking for an edge. What If it has a pitcure of a hedge fund manager with a speach bubble that says “my returns don’t follow a normal distribtuion, making Sharpe ratio a poor measure of success.”


Maybe not.

Either way, you’ll likely reduce your chance of taking the Level III exam again next year.

Try it and let us know how it works for you.

what if it was a picture of a ninja but the trick was that when I see a ninja I really think samurai.

is it that hard to remember the word samurai?

Better yet, tattoo SAMURAI on your favorite body part and look it up when you have privacy.

wear a shirt that says “I am a CFA” and see what happens

LOL I like this Idea… We should all wear a shirt that says one thing that’s important on the exam… Then we’ll have our own cheat sheet…

One person will wear a picture of a samurai, another a picture of a graph that’s not normally distributed, etc…

CFA won’t know any better… Or maybe that already happened in 2006… This would explain the high pass rate that year.

Saw a huge guy at a CFA exam wearing a shirt that said, “Too Big to Fail” on it.

I would pay money to see someone wear this shirt. Purely for the comedic value and the fact that you will be lucky if either of those things even make the exam on a specific question

This cracks me up… Now if only I could remember what that whole mnemonic actually meant. Specified in advance, accountable, unambiguous… I think thats all I got.

But anyway, I fail to see that you would get walked out for that. I don’t think the proctors are even charterholders? In my experience, they’re typically just regular school teachers looking for a quick buck in the summer.

you have to remember these proctors are not CFA charterholders or candidates. If your Tshirt literally only had samurai or a picture of 1 on it, They wouldn’t know the connection anyway. i’m pretty certain you’ll be fine. .

But you seriously need help spelling samurai?

even if your shirt said, CFA, you can always claim you are a member of the: Cat Fanciers’ Association



I once saw a car with the license plate “CFA DUDE”.

I doubt that the young Asian gentleman driving the car (baseball cap worn backwards) was a member of the Cat Fanciers’ Association, but it’s possible; hence, not (necessarily) an ethics violation.

Was it at the San Diego test center? For L1 an L2, there was indeed a slightly muscular looking car (maybe a Corvette) with a CFA something license plate.

After my CFA charter earns me millions, I’d rather get a “GOT HCB?” plate.

No. It was in (South) Orange County, going North on Jamboree Road from Costa Mesa to Tustin.

HCB? Hexachlorobenzene? (C6Cl6?)

That T-shirt… omg I must have it…

HCB is an PG13-rated acronym for a certain type of woman (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hcb)

Wait, it doesn’t mean high class broad? It would appear that I’ve been duped.

hahah here you go guys