Would this be bad news elsewhere?

I took the level 1 exam in an emerging market country a few years ago. They had us in classrooms of about 20 people each. Halfway through the section one of the candidates cell phone goes off in his pocket. The proctor comes over and takes it from him and outs it on her desk and gives it back to him after the exam. Nothing else. Do you think you’d get in deep doo doo for this elsewhere? Results voided. Etc.

Ultimately exam protors are people too. They don’t want to ruin a year of someone’s life because someone (hopefully) forgot to take their phone out of their pocket. Now if they caught someone actually sending/receiving a text, that’s different.

Proctors in Canada are power tripping nazis

I always crack up at the “This room is being monitored for electronic devices.” statement.

That gets me too. They must hire out the CIA for the day. I can see the proctor not wanting to f#ck the kid, but he clearly violated the procedure in a big way. We were told a million times not to keep our cell phones. You can’t make a case for him having “forgotten.” I imagine if this had happened elsewhere it would have been a serious violation. fortunately for him we weren’t in a giant convention room like the other places I’ve taken the test. This place also didn’t have anyone in the bathrooms monitoring it.