Would this qualify for the job experience?

Somebody wants to interview me for a “Financial Representative” Position. I don’t know…haha don’t really wanna sell insurance but if that qualifies, I don’t know… Here’s part of the email they sent me, what’s your take guys? “”"For many years we have been helping representatives define their careers and develop relationships with clients that may last a lifetime. We are looking to fill a position in our sales office. Let me explain a little bit about what we do. We are a “comprehensive financial services firm, " specializing in insurance (Life, Disability, Long Term Care), investments, business and estate planning. After review of your resume, you appear to be a good candidate for this position. We have the training necessary to teach you the ins and outs of our industry… “””

yeah. this is like, “your hired, now go produce” call your family, friends, school buddies, anyone you know and get them to transfer their accounts to you or sell them insurance. HOWEVER, i do believe it counts towards CFA credit and they usually also pay for your series 7,66…etc… many are hired, few stick it out more than a year or two.

is this Primerica ?

No, it isn’t …but it seems similar…I don’t think I’ll interview

Well let me put it this way. If they DID qualify this as CFA work experience, the Charter you would like get would be mine, because it would be on the first flight back to Virginia along with a “Keep it” sticky note attached to the front. Willy