Would you do EOCs or past exams twice?

Hi everyone. I’ve done all EOCs and portal questions. Now I’m going through Schweser for the last time, it’s a lot smoother now since I do not have to make notes anymore. I took notes in my first reading. I will take a month off just before the exam, so time is not an issue. My initial plan was to redo all EOC and portal questions. But I think maybe I will gain a lot more from doing mocks on weekends instead of EOC, then I will spend the whole of May redoing mocks, reading my notes, and resting! What are your thoughts? Ohh I have mocks going back to 1999, but obviously they become less useful the earlier you get.

You’re a model LIII candidate, D!ck. (Always wanted to say that.)


Don’t forget online Topic Tests…lots of good stuff there.

Are you kidding me? Dude I feel so unprepared.

Is it just portal questions as OP said? Or portal questions is something else I missed?..

I think he posted this to play mind games with us. Don’t believe him. He was probably a psych major :wink: think about it…who gets a month off? Pffffff I call BS lol.

In some cases D!cks, but almost always Arseholes.


I work for a Central Bank…its an easy life