Would you do that to your pet?


Not saying it should swing the vote, but common, it’s kinda cruel don’t you think?

And just think that if he had put the dog in a kennel, he could have helped create more jobs!

Wow, it appears the left is deperate. 1983 really? yes, lets forget about real issues and focus on a clark griswald moment.

Good point. After all, the right isn’t concerned about things like moral character or anything.

Anyway, as for me, I doubt that’s going to be the deciding issue on Mitt, but it does speak to Mitt’s ability to empathize with the plight of others.

If this is the worst thing that he’s done in 29 years, that’s actually pretty good.

Plus, it’s a bit weird to judge him for something like this, considering that many people engage in or enable worse animal cruelty all the time. For instance, everyone who hunts and everyone who eats pork.

^Exactly, we’re talking about almost 3 decades and this is the best attack the left can come up with. IMO, this demonstrates some desperation and could potentially work against the left if Romney plays his cards right.

And I thought he was a good guy after reading the story about how he shut down Bain Capital for a few days so employees could help look for a missing child in NYC. This clearly trumps that, he’s the devil.

I don’t see how this is fundamentally different from how chickens are transported or horses in those open trailers. I grew up on a farm though so to me, much of the US’s view of animals is just irrational coddeling they can afford. A luxury they’ve mistaken for a necessity. I don’t find this to be a moral issue at all. I agree with those that are saying if this is the worst the Dems can come up with in 30 years he’s pretty good. Still wouldn’t vote for him though (non-voter).

Mitt was my boy…idk anymore…i’m a dog lover…can’t be mistreating them…

Must be an election year because this story is as old as the internet. This originally popped up when Romney was running for Governor in Massachusetts. Newsflash, he won the election in a state where people go crazy if an animal is abused, but coddle criminals.

Without mitt, I don’t know what I would do to take out my baked cookies out of my oven.