would you do the exam tomorrow?

I would, really. I am really tired of reading the same again and again and again, going through the sample + mock + previous exams once and again and again… for good or bad, I want this to be over

No because I need some days of rest before the real thing.

No, might as well wait till saturday, might pick something up…but might also forget stuff :frowning:

Absolutely, I felt alright about it for at least a week now. I am fearing I am overstudying (probably not).

^— CRAZY I was ready a week ago

I felt ready a week ago, but don’t feel ready now :(((

no no… I have a lot to do. definately not ready now.

I seem to have lost my mojo. I put it down to too much AM practice compromising my PM game (my area of advantage - was scoring in the 80s on Schweser). Have been chilling the last couple of days, now staying up all night for a full run through of Schweser.

no matter how may times I read all these stuff, I seem to forget something or other. so whats the point. I would as well write it any time and get it done with.

pick something new up, but at the same time forgot something that i did a week ago. :frowning: can never be 100% ready!!!

Yes. Over and done w/. Kicked 2007 and mock’s butt today just want the pain to be OVER, oh and i want to get drunk.

need 1 more day and i have to work tomorrow =(

more or less yes.