Would you feel bad?

If you just started this job 4 months ago, and now are about to get another offer for the kind of job you always wanted to land. The reason I would feel really bad quitting is because I am good friends with my boss, he helped me get here, and he would be p*ssed off. I guess, I will be shutting my door to this firm forever. GAWD…it seems like suddenly they started hiring like back in the day, again. thoughts?

If it’s gonna work in your favor, go for it. You can feel a bit bad but don’t let that stop you. It’s business. I am sure your company wouldn’t stop to keep you if they need to save money, why should you stay if you have a better offer.

Thanks Blamey. It makes me feel better, I guess I had the same perspective. Yes, it is a lot more money, and something I always wanted to do.

^given this, if this person is really your friend he/she will be happy for you.

take it and say FU to ur old boss. Cuz when the ax falls he’ll say FU to u and gut u.

Show them no loyalty for you shall receive none.


Don’t have any loyalty when you aren’t given any.

ancientmtk Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > take it and say FU to ur old boss. Cuz when the > ax falls he’ll say FU to u and gut u. +1. Look after yourself first.

Cheers guys! I feel much better now. Just have my fingers crossed. Hoping to hear the good news by next week. We’ll see.

Wouldnt give a toss - get the job you want!

I would feel bad - and leave. Thank your boss-friend and bid farewell.

normal to feel bad- this probably indicates you have a conscience. but don’t let that stop you from doing what you have to do.

I’m about a week away from a job offer to move from one great job to another, but I hate my current boss–nevertheless, I still feel a twinge of guilt when I think about leaving. I’m with L3BeatIt–it’s normal.

Make your transition as smooth and as amicable as possible.