Would you Rather - Finance Edition

I’ve seen these in other places, let’s try it here. You usually get the choice between 2 really good things, or 2 really bad things. I’ll start: Would you rather… Have to use the Office 2007 “Ribbon” with mouse for all your modeling, or not have Excel recalculate your relative references when inserting cells/columns/rows.

God, that’s an awful world you like to live in. Having to go back and edit all of the references would be bad, but you could at least avoid that by naming cells. Not that that would be fun, but it’s doable (I’ve had to make models where all the cells were named, and you get used to it after a while, I think). Or you could try to make a macro, or write some VBA code to get around it - a pain the first time, but copy/paste after that. Having to use the ribbon and mouse is much worse, imo. The only saving grace about the ribbon is that you can use shortcuts (which most of us just do anyway), so it isn’t a huge impediment, despite the annoyance. But taking those away would increase the time it takes to make a model enormously. This is like 2 bad things vs. 1 bad thing, so I’ll take the 1 bad thing any day of the week.

Never have I ever - Finance Edition … coming soon?

Let’s do a poll here? What do you use Excel 2003 or 2007?

I still have 2002/2003 on my work computer. We get new laptops every 3 years. I am due for another one in 2009; I’ll probably have 2007 then.

I use 2003 at home and work. When I got a new computer last year I bought 2007 but reverted back to 2003 within the first 2 days.

I have 2003 at work, 2007 at home and school.

I dont use excel

https://feedback.office.microsoft.com/default.aspx?productkey=office2007&scrx=1 Go to town everyone, I know I will

2007 and the relative references not recalculating would drive me to suicide.