Would you rather have passed CFA1 or FRM1&2 by July 2016?

Which would you prefer on your resume as at July 2016

CFA1 or FRM1&2

Is it more difficult to study CFA 1 or FRM1and2 at a go?

Thanks in advance

FRM 1 and 2 combined will be much harder than CFA 1. Conceptually CFA 1 is easy, just financial reporting might take some time. FRM 1 by itself has more challenging math than CFA 1. I wouldn’t do FRM 1 and 2 in one go if you don’t even know CFA 1 material. In order of most difficult: CFA Level 2, FRM Level 1, CFA Level 1. I haven’t taken FRM 2 or CFA Level 3, but FRM 2 is supposed about same difficult as FRM 1. If you’re ranking purely on resume impressiveness, then certainly FRM 1 and 2 are more impressive than CFA 1.

Macro, you have really helped me on this, I totally agree with you, I think I respect CFA so much I was underestimating FRM.

Thanks again



100% agree. But I’d like to add YMMV - it depends what your background is. That said, I work in FRMent and have zero formal education in FRA yet found FRM 1 to be MUCH harder than CFA 1.

1.FRM 1 & 2.That’s a full designation.CFA I is no designation.

2.FRM I Itself may pose bigger challenge than CFA I depending on the background.CFA I is no match for FRM I & 2 together irrespective of background.

Thank you

Btw, you won’t get any letters on your resume on July 2016 regardless what you choose since the results won’t be out yet by that time of any of exams.

I guess the results could be out by July 2016.The “letters” will have to wait.