Would you rather...(LeBron vs MJ)

cant apply stats to mamba mentality, foo. Kobe’s attributes are a singularity across multiple skill dimensions and cannot be analytically described using classical statistics.

In short, he’s transcendent.

Like Tim Duncan? Greatest, most underrated player in the history of the NBA.
(Note - I’m a Spurs fan.)

Note that I was merely summarizing Mobius_Strip’s post, not agreeing with it.

I’m not really a fan of basketball at all.

kinda like Tim Duncan but the exact opposite - if GOATness was fully explainable by stats alone, Tim should be permanently part of the discussion of who’s all time great right along with MJ and LeBron. Because stats alone don’t fully describe transcendental greatness, he’s frequently not included in these comparisons but Kobe is, as he should be!

lol here are time duncan’s stats. not goat worthy to me. its literally far worse than kobe. thats how far he is!