Would You Recommend?

Now that results have been released - Level III passers, how many of you would recommend the program to someone starting out fresh?

It’s something I’d have to think about before recommending TBH. Really depends on the situation. I truly feel for those who have spent 5+ years in pursuit, that’s a lot of time to spend on ANYTHING.

My next question would be: “Are you doing this for money or knowledge?”

If the answer is money, I’d ask are they in a position that pushes for/values the charter?

If no – I’d say the charter is incongruent with their goals. I’d tell them to take up coding. In the time it takes to get the charter a guy with a small finance background can become a whip-smart coder and make mad dough.

The only reason I started this was because I had an arrangement with my boss for a large pay increase upon conclusion. If I didn’t have that there’s no way I would have done this. And I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone unless their company makes them do it or they are guaranteed a raise/promotion.