Would you STRONGLY recommend taking rest on Friday?

Should we take that day off or continue to memorize formulas on Friday?

Everyone I have talked to has said to take Friday off and let your brain reset. The risk of a burnout is too high. To each there own though…

I never took a friday off and it never bothered me, so it may be different for each person, as Apollo pointed out.

But I did study less on friday, so I could try to have a good night of sleep.

This was not out of desperation. I was doing well on mocks and passed all the exams. But I actually felt more comfortable that way.

I think it’s OK to do review on friday or even saturday morning if you have a few minutes to spare. I think it’s even OK to maybe memorize a last minute formula that may give you an extra point.

What I wouldn’t do is try to learn something new that takes a long time on friday night. You might get frustrated or refuse to let go and go to bed extremely late.

I have a conspiracy theory that people who tell you to rest and do nothing before exam day secretly want you to fail. Less competition.

Don’t go gung-ho. But light reviewing of material sounds great to me

I agree with Itera. I think it will make me more nervous if I didn’t review the material and formulas on Friday. I have tried both strategies in other exams and reviewing always worked for me better.

Review lists of stuff to memorize, and review Ethics.

Then rest.

At each level, I spent Friday “relaxing” with Ethics and doing some light review of vocabulary and formulas. I didn’t do any test questions of any kind. Worked for me but I do know people who felt just as comfortable spending the day cramming.

I feel like if I spend the entire day studying, I will be less likely to get a good night sleep. I will be more likely to wake up mid-sleep full of adrenaline because I spent the day worrying about what I know and what I don’t know. I would prefer to “forget about” the exam on Friday. So I might spend the morning refreshing my memory, quizzing myself on a few formulas and making sure I know a concept, but I plan on spending the rest of the day with friends having a good time, then going to sleep.

Will be reading ethics and reviewing formulas. If I don’t know the concepts by Friday night, I’m likely not going to remember them Saturday morning.