Would you take the test today?

I kind of feel like the next 10 some odd days are going to be a bit of a waste … don’t know how to describe it - but I am losing focus. Especially with the Memorial Day weekend coming up (and most beautiful weather of the year so far) it’s extremely hard to concentrate. So - I would NOT mind taking the test sooner rather than later. Just get it over with.

If CFAI promise that passing score would be 50 percent or exam would be as easy as mock exam then yes. Else I would wait next 10 days. Already waited 3 years so what’s with 10 days.

No way. I need the next 9 days. I have it all scheduled out, including finally getting to ethics and reviewing GIPS. I used to think tapering was a good idea because of the opinion that “if I don’t know it now, I am not going to learn it.” BS. I will get a lot done over the next 9 days. I suggest you do the same. I understand the feeling of just wanting to get it over with. There are lots of people feeling the same way. But you have to fight for all the points you can. The next week could be the difference. Don’t look at the weather report like I did: Sat and Sun: 75 degrees and sunny both days in southern cal. Oh well.

I could pass this exam tomorrow… but I could also fail. I’m certain I’ll pick up some points over the next 9 days, especially with next week off of work, so I’ll do my best to enjoy the moment, being in the stretch run, knowing that sometime in the future I’ll look back on these times with a certain amount of pride, and maybe even a pang of longing knowing all that I had to sacrificed to climb this mountain. And it will make drinking Saturday night 6/5 all the more glorious.

Boo yah, thanks for the pep guys … I’m going to flipping crush this thing out of the park.

no way I could take the test today! I need the next 10 days to memorize stuff and practice. Still haven’t read ethics either.

I was a master at cramming last minute for exams in college. I’ve found I retain the most information when it is absolutely necessary to retain it. In college, I usually didn’t study much up until the cram session the night before the exam, and I almost always did well. Now, all of the studying and note-taking I have done for the past 4.5 months has prepared me for the 3 week cram session that is currently taking place. So no, I would not take it today. I will be studying probably until the morning of the exam.

I agree, I wish I could take the test this Saturday. I feel like I’m ready. Then next 10 days will help but it’s marginal at this point.

I’m just taking practice tests for here on out, so I wouldn’t take it now, as I think the practice tests are pretty helpful.

I just want to get done with it (P or F) don’t care. So would 100% want to take it today.

i would take it today as well. but you never know, you may be able to pull a few extra points in the next week, which could potentially make a difference

I would have taken the exam yesterday if I could. Then I could go get drunk as a skunk this weekend, hurry this damn thing up already.

no way. definitely think the next 10 days makes or breaks me…failed last year at band 9.

No way I would take it right now… not that I am completely unprepared, but I think there are 5 more questions out there that I can pick up in the next 9 days that could make all the difference… as hard as the actual studying is for this thing, I think the stress of dealing with “crap I got a 73 on 2010 mock which is terrible since people say it is easy” is one of the hardest things to overcome… the 68% i scored on mock 2009 is the only below 70 I have gotten on any sample PM exam, but I still feel terrible about this exam… sorry for the rant, this freaking thing is just so stressful

I would take it right now, but only because i know there is a whole lot of bastar ds out there who are going to cram in the next 9 days and whoop my ass on test day… I would take it now if everyone did, i think it would be my best chance of passing on the curve.

no way… need the full 10 days to review. Performance on last Saturday’s Schweser mock shows I forgot a bunch of the bond & equity s**t I read in March