Would you

…buy Carnival’s senior unsecured debt for 5.75% yield? Or would you just play it sure and buy Centenne’s unsecured for 2.5%? Discuss, tank.


centene not junk debt. managed care very good industry. but thats a low rate, personally would not want low rate for long time.

Centene is junk. Fitch: Ba1, Moody’s: BB+ and S&P has it in BBB- but that’s from last spring.

wow I wonder why that is. They have a lot of cash on hand relative to debt.

I dunno. Their total debt/ebitda is 4.3x which I guess is pretty high for a company like that, and their profitability is down.

Their profitability is choppy. But it’s overall an upward trend. They issued a lot of debt recently though so that may be it. But a bunch of it is in cash. They’ve acquired a few things but overall majority is kept in cash. They Liquid. No idea why they would put it as junk. Hence why rates are super low I guess.

I think S&P is the only rating agency that gives credit for cash. I’m not 100% positive though.