WoW classic. Are we making AF guild??

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Never played it. It’d probably be detrimental to my personal and professional life.

Please. How can 4-5 hours a day hurt anything?

This or nothing.

same, I’d lose sleep and who knows what else trying to advance in the game. Poor self control.

I promise preferential loot treatment for first joiners.

Will be trickle down economics

lol i should run with you. but i never got passed lvl 54. i never even hit the 60 cap. i was just making twinks and selling twink items. i cornered the market on expensive goods. i was actually banned for it!

to be fair i didnt think they banned me for buying low and selling high. i used a software that compiled market stats. and would let it search teh auctionhouse and collect data.

Will be dope. Also, come online to play dota.

I still have my “10 reasons to never play video games again” letter stickied on my desktop. What a time sink.

Yeah, I have an X Box One X I got when I replaced our main room electronics this year and I put a bunch of games on it and still haven’t bothered to play any. I would love to and I miss the days in my 20’s when time was cheap but it just seems like such an impossibility now.

they nerfed my fave heroes. the game has changed so much!

Nery, I read that they covered up one character who had a revealing outfit. I don’t know if we should encourage this oppressive behavior.